topical is designed and managed by,LLC. Clark Wilkins, in his role as chief designer and architect for Simplexable, was a “Software as a Service (SaaS)” pioneer who started developing web-based applications in 1998 as the precursors to the insight business management system. He leveraged everyday experience managing warehouse and service teams — as the owner of a radiology service and parts company for 23 years — to refine the ideas that inspired the current suite of projects including

Our other current projects include:

stockd — a SaaS platform for managing inventory, warehouses, sales quotes, orders, returns management, and repair jobs.

servicd — a SaaS platform for managing jobs of any kind from repair work to consulting.

helpd — online, extensible help engine used to generate support links for our other platforms.

accountd — a SaaS platform with full accounting and financial analysis tools (intended for release in early 2020).

DaVinci — a MRI remote-monitoring service developed and managed on behalf of Coolpair Plus., llc
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