The only personal contact information stored here is the account holder's stated name, verified email addresses (up to two), and optional SMS/mobile numbers (up to two). Comments that disclose personal details of another user without their consent are a potential violation of privacy rights and should be deleted upon request.

  • users that are linked to you can see your name when sending invitations to topics they own
  • users in a discussion can see your name on comments you post
  • if the topic is not restricted, users in the discussion can see your name on the member list
  • users that are linked to you can see your email when sending invitations to topics they own1
  • users that are linked to you can see your SMS/mobile when sending invitations to topics they own1
Your contact information is only used to manage your account and alert you of updates. This information is not disclosed to anyone outside the sope of your discussions except in the case of validated legal/judicial requests.


  • comments are the intellectual property and sole responsibility of the author
  • no user other than the comment author can edit or delete the comment
  • comments will be visible to all users in the discussion
  • comments will show up in all relevant search results
  • discussions are the intellectual property of the owner2
  • owners cannot delete individual comments, but can remove a user and all of their comments from a discussion
  • discussions will show up in all relevant search results
Your content and discussions are only accessible by the relevant discussion owner and users who are participating3 in the discussion.


  • blocks can be initiated by any user who receives an unwanted invitation
  • blocks are bi-directional and permanent4
  • blocks can only be removed by the user who initiated the blocking record4
  • users who have blocked you cannot be seen and are not listed anywhere in topical


Retention of discussions and comments is the sole responsibility of the respective owners (as outlined above). The topical database is only backed up for the last 72 hours, so any data deleted more than three days ago is permanently gone. We do sometimes have information retained in server logs, but these are recycled every seven days and never archived. However, as long as the owner of a discussion or comment remains active and has not deleted the data, we will retain it.

By use of topical, you implicitly agree to these terms and conditions.
  1. This is considered necessary to be able to distinguish between two different users with the same name.
  2. The user who creates the discussion is the owner.
  3. Any user who receives an invitation to the discussion is a participant until/unless they remove themselves, or the owner removes them.
  4. Simplexable will not override one user blocking another.